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General Questions

What is Customer Plus?

Customer Plus serves as a centralized community system that provides a broad range of functions to all terminal users such as shipping lines, barge operators, tractor companies and also general public.

What function can I access?

General public can access to information about Container Details, Empty Container Pickup & Return Location, Vessel Schedule, Terminal Special Arrangement, Traffic View Cam and Useful Resources.

Registered Barge Operator will have additional privilege in retrieving their barge schedule, enquire Barge ID and download EDI template through Customer Plus.

Apart from having access to the above, Registered Shipping Line will be able to make enquiry, obtain reports and perform updating functions. Enquiry functions include Barge ID Enquiry, Barge Schedule Enquiry, Container Aging List, Container Details, Container Movement Log, Export Booking Details, Housekeeping Reports, Inbound Control Details, On Hand Container List, Overdue Container List, Terminal Departure Report, Terminal Gate Move, Vessel Container List, Vessel Container Summary, and Voyage Schedule Enquiry. Updating functions include COD/COV, Empty Container Return, Exception Handling, Export Booking Maintenance, Export Booking Voyage Transfer, Hold Functions, Inbound Control Maintenance, and Late Come Instruction.

How can I register?

If you are Shipping Line, you may contact our Customer Service Team for registration either by phone at (852) 2619 6868 or e-mail at

If you are Barge Operator, you may contact our Barge Centre for registration either by phone at (852) 2619 7932 or e-mail at

User ID and Password will then be issued for access.

What information can I get from ‘What’s New’?

“What’s New” is a new channel through which we will disseminate users the latest update on Customer Plus.

Can I amend user password?

You can amend your password at Password Maintenance function at any time.

Can I terminate a user session?

You may contact your administrator who has the sole right to remove user session if necessary.

How long is set for inactive session time out in Customer Plus?

Inactive session time out is set to 15 minutes, i.e. the account will be logged out if it is idled for 15 minutes.

What should I do if fail to access a function?

You may check your access right with your administrator who is responsible for user account access right setting.

What should I do if I cannot login to the system?

You may check with your administrator whether all licenses are occupied. If the problem still persists even the license is available, you may contact our Service Desk at (852) 2619 7866 for assistance.

Operational Questions

What is the difference in functionality after Customer Plus is migrated to a web-based platform?

New web based Customer Plus provides a number of new functions such as Container Aging List, Voyage Schedule Enquiry, enhanced Vessel Container Summary, Barge Schedule Enquiry, Barge ID Enquiry, and Barge EDI Template Download. On the other hand, obsolete functions such as Receiving/Delivery Order, On Hand Summary, Vessel Maintenance, Voyage Maintenance and Service Maintenance are taken out.

What information can I get from Barge Schedule Enquiry?

Barge Schedule Enquiry provides you with the estimated schedule berthing time, estimated booking information and actual discharge/loading figures upon completion of barge operation.

Can I get container dwell time information from Customer Plus?

Container dwell time information for empty, inbound, outbound and transshipment containers can be retrieved from Container Aging List.

Can I get voyage information such as ETA, ETB and ETD from Customer Plus?

Voyage Schedule Enquiry not only provides ETA, ETB and ETD, but also FCL Closing Time, FCL Expiry Date, Reefer Expiry Date and Port of Discharge.

What is the difference between voyage container status and current container status in Vessel Container List?

Voyage container status refers to the container status in the voyage while current container status refers to container status at the current moment. For example, container AAAA1234567 in the voyage of AAAA/BBB/CCCC is an inbound laden, and it is already picked and empty returned to the terminal. That means the voyage container status of AAAA1234567 in the voyage AAAA/BBB/CCC is IF while its current container status is EM.

With such information, you may sort out inbound containers that are already picked and returned to the terminal under other status.

What does the ‘Pre-declared’ in Vessel Container Summary mean?

“Pre-declared” refers to outbound containers that are still onboard the first carrier, i.e. either barge or vessel.

Can Terminal Receipt be printed and saved?

It can be saved and printed in PDF output format.

How long will Web Reports be kept in the system?

All web reports including housekeeping reports, vesselwise discharge/loading reports and TDR will be kept for 31 days.

Can I amend export booking after a container is returned to the terminal?

For booking with only a single container, no amendment can be made on the booking information if the container is already returned to the terminal. Nevertheless, for booking with multiple containers, amendment is allowed for containers that are not returned to the terminal.

What is exception-handling instruction?

There are 3 kinds of exception handling instructions, i.e.

Inbound Container Return allows you to declare for returning a wrongly picked inbound container to the terminal.Outbound Cancel

Outbound Cancel Shipment allows you to declare for picking up an outbound container which shipment is cancelled.

Outbound Rehandling allows you to declare for picking up an outbound container that needs rehandling outside terminal.

Having declared exception-handling instruction and with tractor pre-advice done, efficiency of container pickup/delivery process can be enhanced.

Can I apply Pending Instruction (PI) First Hold for inbound laden container?

No, PI First Hold is only applicable to empty containers but not to inbound laden containers. Inbound laden containers can only apply Next Hold, i.e. the container will not be held until it is returned to the terminal under empty (EM) status.

Can I apply Pending Instruction (PI) Next Hold for inbound laden container that is already gate out?

No, you can only use such function to hold container that is in yard.

Can I apply Off Lease (OL) or Pending Instruction (PI) Hold for container that does not yet appeared in the terminal system?

Yes, with provision of vessel/voyage code, you may pre-declare OL or PI hold for an inbound laden or empty container. The container will be held once its record appears in the terminal system.

Will pre-declaration for Off Lease (OL) or Pending Instruction (PI) Hold be charged?

No charge is required for pre-declaration. It will be charged only if the container is held successfully.

Technical Questions

What is the minimum system requirement for Customer Plus?

To access Customer Plus, the following PC configurations are recommended:

  • Pentium III, 512 RAM, 800 x 600 screen resolution.
  • Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or above
  • Acrobat Reader 9.0 or above
Do I need a broadband Internet access?

As Customer Plus is launched through public internet, you should have access to Internet. Broadband Internet access is preferred to facilitate the downloading of large size reports.

What is PDF format?

PDF format (Acrobat Portable Document Format) is a convenient printable format that can preserve all fonts, format and graphics regardless of which computer platform you are using. In order to view and print report in PDF format, your computer must be equipped with Acrobat Reader which is a free software can be downloaded from

What does excel worksheet show inside Internet Explorer in enquiry functions?

It is the default setting in MS Windows, user can setup in MS Windows to browse worksheet with Excel outside Internet Explorer. Please check the steps from

Mobile App Questions

Is the license for Cplus App indifferent to Cplus web?

Licensed users will have free license for Cplus app with same number of licenses they are using on Cplus web now. The user profile for existing licensed will be transferred to your Cplus App without any changes. Yet, administrator can create new user accounts for their company members. However the number of concurrent login is limited by their license.

Can I get extra Cplus login accounts without register for extra Cplus web license? Is there a limit of login accounts that I can get for my company?

You can apply extra App login accounts from CST which allow more concurrent login for your company. Reasonable amount of login accounts will be given to encourage higher usage rate of Cplus App. We will apply new licenses for you and it may take some time.

Admin function is available on Cplus App too?

Only Cplus web can process the Admin function. Licensed users can assign their own Administrator who has permission control on function list to each and every user under the same license.

Where can I download the Cplus App?

Official rollout is on 23 Nov 2015. The App will be ready in Apple Store & Google Play from 11 Nov 2015 for all users, supporting iOS 7.0 or above and Android OS 5.0 or above. You can simply search keywords such as "cplus", "HIT cplus" or "customerplus" in app stores for installation.

If I find errors or bugs in Cplus App, who should I contact?

Please contact our service desk at 2619 7866.

What should I do if I do not know how to use the App?

Our customer service team will assist you in solving any questions regarding C plus App functions. Please contact us at 2619 6868.

Can I login the same user account in different devices at the same time? (Duplicate user)

Yes. Same user account can be used in different devices concurrently as long as the license quota not exceeded.

Can I still receive push notification if I login my account in another devices?

You have to set your monitoring list again to receive push notification in new devices.

Is there Chinese version?

Yes. We have both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Can I download and install Cplus outside HK?

Yes. You can install Cplus app as long as you can search and launch the Cplus download page in Store.

Can I use Cplus outside HK?

Yes. You can use Cplus app anywhere with internet access.

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