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Hongkong International Terminals

eInvoice is an electronic pathway connecting subscribed vendors to Hongkong International Terminals Limited (HIT)'s invoice payment processing system.

Key Benefits:

Invoice Management
Vendors can now upload and update their invoice details, as well as monitor their online submissions on an around-the-clock basis. Our new electronic pathway expedites information exchange to speed-up approval and payment processes, obsolescing prolonged manual procedures.
Cost Effectiveness
eInvoice improves input efficiency and accuracy, and thus decreases the associated costs of human error. The need for a paper-based system is significantly reduced, and this results in a substantial savings in paper purchasing and mailing costs, as well as less stringent demands being placed on the environment.
New Security Measures
Lost or damaged invoices can easily be retrieved from HIT's server. For added security, a one-time password is issued to each specific vendor's email account(s) after every log-in.
Clear and simple navigation tools ensure searching for a specific invoice is easy. Simply input the invoice number to retrieve all relevant details, or refer to our on-line user manual for further instructions.

Our eInvoice service is guaranteed to enhance your invoicing experience!

eInvoice Account Application:
If you wish to register for eInvoice, please download the eInvoice Application Form and return the completed application to Finance & Administration - Accounts Payable, Hongkong International Terminals Limited, Terminal 4, Container Port Road South, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to

e-mail us at