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We are committed to providing resources to support
the continuous learning of our staff. This ensures
that they are equipped with the relevant knowledge,
skills and attitudes for building up a competent
workforce that meets our business needs.
We strive to ensure that both internal and external resources are allocated and utilised in a need-based and cost-effective manner. On an annual basis, a "Training Needs Analysis" is conducted to identify the specific training needs of our staff.
Learning and training
In general, we provide the following training opportunities and learning support for all of our staff:

Need-based Training

To meet our learning and developmental needs, training in personal effectiveness, technical knowledge and skills, occupational safety, computers, languages, soft skills and people management skills is offered throughout the year.

Language Learning Fund

HIT provides an opportunity for staff to enhance their English and Putonghua language skills on a self-directed basis through a funding scheme.