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HIT’s dynamic customer service team is dedicated tomaking a difference to the many shipping lines we serve.
Hongkong International Terminals Limited (HIT)’s dynamic customer service team is dedicated to making a difference to the many shipping lines we serve.

Service Delivery
HIT has the infrastructure that seamlessly fits with and enhances a broad range of operations.

We actively seek new opportunities and ways to help our customers.

Customer Service
Our Customer Service Team (CST) finds solutions that assist our customers in overcoming difficulties. Our aim is to deliver maximum customer satisfaction by helping them conduct their operations efficiently and cost effectively.

The Commitments proposed by the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance to address the Competition Commission’s concerns in respect of its Joint Operating Agreement have been accepted by the Competition Commission under section 60 of the Competition Ordinance (Cap 619), and was effective as of 30 October 2020. Compliance with the Commitments is monitored by an independent Monitoring Trustee on behalf of the Commission.

The Competition Commission approved the appointment of Ms So Kit Yee, Anita of Ernst & Young Transactions Limited as the Monitoring Trustee under the Commitments. The contact details of the Monitoring Trustee and his team are as follows:

 1.Ms So Kit Yee, Anita
  Tel: (852) 2629 3261

 2.Ms Reya Chan
  Tel: (852) 3471 2638

Information regarding the service levels to be maintained by the members of the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance pursuant to the Commitments can be found here.